NC Mandated Insurances for Small Business Owners Small Business Owners Need Business Insurance Most small business owners need business insurance in some form or another including NC state mandated business insurances. Insurance protection is essential in reducing risk and protecting business assets that you have worked hard to accumulate. In many cases, the personal assets of business owners could also be at risk. In addition, most banks need insurance as a condition of a loan to your small business. Business insurance can help pay the costs of property damage, lawsuits from accidents, lost business income, workers’ compensation claims, natural disasters, theft, professional errors, and more.Read More →

Choosing a Small Business Name – An Important Business Decision Choosing a business name is one of the most exciting and innovative components of starting a small business. As one of the most important decisions you as a small business owner will make, spend the time to choose your business name wisely. Your business name is the first impression of potential customers and other stakeholders, so a decision that should not be casually taken. The wrong business name will not connect with your customers and could cause expensive or ineffective branding. Lawsuits are possible if your business name can be confused with those of majorRead More →

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Register a Small Business in Wilmington, North Carolina and with the IRS 1. Choosing and Reserving a Small Business Name In NC How to Choose a Small Business Name? The name of your small business is the foundation of your brand and plays a significant role in growing your brand and consumer perceptions. Your small business name is usually the first element of your brand that customers will encounter. It is therefore essential that the name of your small business is memorable, original, relevant, distinctive, authentic, enduring, and resonates with your target audience. Also read the “Create and Build Up YourRead More →

How to Choose a Small Business Structure / Legal Form in Wilmington, NC The small business structure is one of the early and most important decisions a small business entrepreneur must take at startup. There are several basic business structures, or legal forms of organization, available to small business in in North Carolina; including Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Corporation (C), S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Non-Profit Organizations. The legal form of the small business affects its decision-making authority, financial liability, regulation, and taxation. Factors Influencing the Choice of a Small Business Structure / Legal Form The factors that will influenceRead More →

13 Key Questions to Answer before Selecting a Small Business Location The Importance of  Selecting the proper Small Business Location One of the biggest headaches a small business entrepreneur faces is selecting the proper small business location in Wilmington, NC or surrounding areas. Choosing a suitable location for your small business is positioning your business for success. Not merely does a good location reduces small business expenses but could prove crucial to generate sales. The saying goes, “location, location, location” and it does not help to sell that right product/service at the wrong location. It is necessary that you as small business owner dedicate theRead More →

The 15 Funding Options for Small Businesses in Wilmington NC Do you know what funding options are available to you as small business owner in Wilmington, NC? Fortunately, North Carolina small businesses have multiple funding sources for startup, sustaining operations, and for business growth. However, getting funding remains yet one of the biggest challenges that a small business entrepreneur faces when starting a new business. The best fundraising option(s) for your small business depends on several factors such as your business needs, industry, amount needed, timing, business health and/or personal creditworthiness. A combination of different funding sources during startup and as your small business grows,Read More →

13 Good Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website Serious to Stay in Business – Have a Professional Website! “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates Do you want to be taken seriously as a small business owner? Nothing says professional small business more, than having a professionally designed responsive website for your company. A website is key to small business success for the reasons summarized below. In this digital age it should be one of the first items your small business acquires, even before you open for business. According to Deloitte,Read More →

Why You Need A Digital Presence for Your Small Business in 2021 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Digital Landscape In 2021, more than ever, small business success will hinge on having an effective digital strategy and presence. Within the current Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) environment, as people quarantine in their homes, they are spending more time online than ever. COVID-19 fuels substantial changes in the digital landscape as small business owners scramble to adapt to the “new normal” of doing business. Within pre-COVID-19, a strong online presence was always a major plus, but now for many small businesses, it is a dire necessity. Governmental COVID-19Read More →

What is Your Digital Presence and Digital Initiatives? What is the Digital Presence of Your Small Business? Your “digital presence” refers to the space that you own and how you and your small business appear to other people online. Think about your digital presence as everything you do online on behalf of your small business. Your digital strategy is simply your plan of action designed to achieve your business goals by implementing digital initiatives. It is important to note that your digital presence includes the content on the web you control (e.g. social media profiles and websites). Yet, it also includes content online that isRead More →

As Simple as That – CDFI’s As A Financing Source for Your Small Business By J Deaver Huey Lewis – American Rock Band based in San Francisco As Simple as That – CDFI’s Your path to business ownership! I grew up in the 80’s. During that one calendar decade I obtained my first Drivers License, got my first job, graduated high school, graduated college, moved out of the mom and dad house, got my first real job, and got married. So much change in just one decade. We had GREAT music in the 80’s. Huey Lewis and the News was a popular San Francisco basedRead More →